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3D printing filament: Partnership between Spectrum Filaments and Advanced Graphene Products

Spectrum Group Sp. z o.o., european manufacturer of 3D printing filaments, has announced the signing of an agreement with Advanced Graphene Products S.A. (AGP), a leading company specializing in advanced graphene technologies.

According to the agreement, Spectrum Group will acquire the “Prografen” brand and commence production of 3D printing filament based on the innovative graphene technology developed by AGP. The company commits to exclusively use pure graphene or graphene-based blends provided by AGP. New collaboration is expected to lead to the development of the entire line of graphene-based filaments, including various polymers and composites.

Artur Wiechczyński, CEO of AGP, emphasizes the significance of this agreement: “Establishing a partnership with Spectrum Group will allow us to secure revenue from the sale of graphene for filament production, which will be undertaken by Spectrum Group. Through this collaboration, AGP will become the exclusive supplier of graphene for the produced filaments under the ‘Prografen’ brand, which will undoubtedly contribute to increasing our sales scale and enabling further development of 3D printing filament manufacturing technology.”

Spectrum Group sees this agreement as an opportunity to accelerate R&D projects and enhance competitiveness in the market. “Acquiring the Prografen brand is a strategic step for our company, opening up new possibilities for exploring various market segments. Prografen is an innovative solution and technology that perfectly complements our existing efforts. We are confident that the innovative solutions of ‘Prografen’ will find broad application among institutional and individual customers,” said Michal Zoladek, CEO of Spectrum Group.

“Prografen” filament is characterized by competitive mechanical parameters, making it an ideal solution for the automotive, aerospace, tooling, electronics, and other industrial sectors. Its innovative technology ensures precise 3D printing, high quality and repeatability of prints, which is a key advantage in mass production.

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