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3D Printing Specialist Materialise Cooperates with Ansys and DigiFabster

The 3D printing service provider and software developer Materialise is presenting a holistic process quality system for CO-AM as well as a cooperation with the companies Ansys and DigiFabster.

One focus will be on the CO-AM Quality & Process Control (QPC) software solution, which is a comprehensive quality and process control system for certified manufacturing companies.

The QPC platform makes it possible to record, monitor and analyze critical data for part quality – from 3D models to raw materials and process parameters. With the further development of the QPC Layer Analysis module, more in-situ monitoring data can now be included and the results correlated with CT scans. The new QPC Process Lab module supports collaboration between different teams to centralize research and production data.

“It’s time to prioritize customer experience in B2B, especially when enabling AM service bureaus,” shares Pieter Hens, Senior Partner Manager. “Integrating DigiFabster’s solution into CO-AM closes the gap between front-end and back-end.”

“Speed and reliability are essential for manufacturing companies,” explains Const Ivanov, CEO of DigiFabster. “Working with Materialise, we will be able to offer a digital manufacturing workflow that offers a modern customer experience and helps get paid on time. This partnership will offer significant value to our customers.”

In a further partnership with Ansys, Materialise aims to simplify the use of simulation in the 3D printing process. By integrating Ansys’ simulation technology into Materialise’s Magics software, the aim is to create a seamless workflow that enables faster simulation and easier handling of simulation results.

“Usability and performance are crucial when it comes to simulation,” explains Chris Robinson, Senior Product Manager, Ansys. “By integrating Ansys technology into Materialise’s comprehensive software solutions, AM users can benefit from a seamless workflow using the gold standard in simulation.”

“We look forward to supporting our customers with Ansys technology,” says Karel Brans, Senior Director of Partnerships. “Simulation is a key element for metal 3D printing to improve cost-efficiency. Ansys and Materialise will work together to integrate simulation technology even further into the AM workflow and offer unparalleled connectivity.”

Successful application examples for mass production with 3D printing technology will also be presented. For example, Materialise and Sartorius will demonstrate how 3D printing has been used to produce biocompatible plastic parts for bioreactors.

“Everything from machining to the assembly process is much simpler when you can remove the complexity in the build phase by using AM. Materialise takes care of all of it, so we receive a fully finished part,” explains Roy Campe, Chief Technology Officer of CMB.TECH.

Finally, Materialise introduces a new post-processing technology: the Continuous Fiber Injection Process (CFIP), which allows 3D printed parts to be reinforced by injecting continuous fibers, increasing the mechanical strength and lightness of the parts.

With these advances, Materialise underlines its role as a driver for the practical use of 3D printing in production and end-part manufacturing. Visitors can see the innovations for themselves at stand C139 in hall 12.1.

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