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3DMaker.AI converts 2D images into 3D models with artificial intelligence

The startup 3DMaker.AI from the USA has developed AI software that can automatically convert 2D images into 3D models. According to the provider’s website, this works with just a few clicks.

Users can upload normal 2D images to the web tool. An AI generates a 3D preview from them in real time. Options can be used to adjust details such as lighting, texture and depth. The models are exported in common 3D formats.

3DMaker.AI advertises that the software can be used by non-professionals without 3D modeling experience. Complex and time-consuming modeling by hand or expensive software is not necessary. Instead, you pay per conversion; registration is free. In standard resolution, conversion costs $25 per image, and in premium resolution, $40 per image.

According to the provider, the software was tested with product photos, architecture, vehicles and other motifs. There are restrictions for people and animals for legal reasons. The software is also only suitable to a limited extent for strongly organic motifs such as plants.

Overall, 3DMaker.AI promises to significantly simplify the creation of 3D content. Especially for private and smaller projects, the cost savings should be interesting.

An overview of AI generators that create 3D models can be found here.

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