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Top 8 AI-Powered 3D Model Generators

The world of 3D printing is constantly evolving, and the development of artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role. In particular, the generation of 3D models by AI opens up new possibilities and potentials. In this article, we present five innovative services that are pioneering in this field.

We have compiled an overview of the current services, services, and concepts that offer or are currently developing Text-to-3D AI models.

OpenAI Shap-E

OpenAI, known for the AI tool ChatGPT, has introduced Shap-E, a tool for text-based creation of 3D models. Shap-E is faster and delivers better results than the previous model Point-E. This AI tool could simplify and accelerate the 3D modeling process, leading to faster prototypes and more efficient production.

Developer OpenAI
First introduced 2022
Status In development
More information Article
Demo huggingface.co

Luma AI Imagine 3D

Luma AI has introduced a test version of an AI generator for 3D models called “Imagine 3D”. With this tool, users can request automatic creation of a 3D model by entering text. Although the tool is still in an experimental stage and only accessible by invitation, it shows the potential of AI in 3D modeling. The generated 3D models can be downloaded in the formats obj and gltf.

Developer Luma AI
First introduced 2022
Status Alpha version (invitation required)
Application lumalabs.au

3DFY Prompt

3DFY.ai has introduced a service called 3DFY Prompt that allows users to make text inputs and receive realistic, high-quality 3D models in response. The generated models are divided into semantically meaningful parts and have excellent mesh topology, high-quality UV coordinates, and PBR textures. The service is category-based and generates 3D models according to real manifestations of the selected category. Prices from 3DFY.ai start at $5 per month.

Developer 3DFY.ai
First introduced 2023
Status Online
More information Article
Application app.3dfy.ai

Spline AI

With Spline AI, users can effortlessly create 3D objects, animations, and textures by providing AI prompts that describe their desired designs. Currently, use is only possible via invitation. Users can register on a waiting list. The basic package is free. Further functions such as team collaboration are subject to a charge.

Developer Spline Design
First introduced 2023
Status Alpha version (invitation required)
Application spline.design

Kaedim 3D

Kaedim can make a 3D model based on 2D images, which can be downloaded in the formats glb, gitf, obj, fbx, and others. However, the option is also offered to create 2D images via text. There is a trial version and the price otherwise starts at 150 US dollars per month.

Developer Kaedim
First introduced 2020
Status Online
Application kaedim3d.com

CSM (Common Sense Machines)

CSM is similar to Kaedim 3D. Based on 2D images, 3D models are generated. With MidJourney, 2D images can also be generated via text input, which can then be converted into 3D models with CSM. In the future, it will also be possible to use videos as input.

Developer Common Sense Machines
First introduced 2022
Status Online
Application csm.ai


3DMaker.AI turns 2D images into 3D models. Unlike other platforms, registration is free and money is only charged per generated 3D model. The standard resolution currently costs $25 per image.

Developer 3DMaker.AI
First introduced 2023
Status Online
Application 3DMaker.AI


VoxCraft transforms 2D images and text inputs into 3D models. The tool is currently still in a testing phase and is therefore free of charge. However, the usage is limited to 20 model generations per day. The application currently operates via Discord.

Developer VoxCraft
First Introduced 2023
Status Online (Testing Phase)
More Information Article
Application discord.com

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