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Balena and designer create fully compostable 3D printed shoe

Israeli startup Balena, known for developing the world’s first fully compostable and biodegradable shoe, has announced a new partnership with shoe designer Kitty Shukman. The goal is to create a unique 3D-printed shoe.

Balena’s shoes are made from a combination of natural ingredients bonded together by BioCir compostable plastic. This allows the shoes to fully biodegrade when exposed to the specific bacteria and conditions of a composting facility.

Shukman, who previously designed shoes for the Yeezy brand (owned by rapper Kanye West), worked with Balena to create shoes that look like they are organically growing over the feet.

At the end of their life, the shoes can be returned, shredded and then added to the soil at a local industrial composting facility for complete biodegradation. Within six months, they decompose completely.

“Working with Kitty to create a truly remarkable and circular product underscored the magic that happens when you put the right material in the hands of the right designer,” said David Roubach, founder and CEO of Balena.

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