Home Materials BIO INX launches new biomaterials for Readily3D’s volumetric 3D printing

BIO INX launches new biomaterials for Readily3D’s volumetric 3D printing

BIO INX, an expert in bio-based inks and hydrogels, has announced a collaboration with 3D printing specialist Readily3D. The aim is to introduce novel biomaterials based on Readily3D’s volumetric 3D printing technology.

The first of these is the gel methacrylate-based Bioink READYGEL INX. This was developed specifically for maximum reliability and performance in extremely fast volumetric biofabrication. With this method, three-dimensional structures can be formed within seconds.

READYGEL INX is supplied sterile and ready for immediate use. It is the first of an entire product family with which BIO INX hopes to “revolutionize” the field of 3D bioprinting. The material follows the principle of user-friendliness and offers pre-configured printing parameters for a smooth process.

The volumetric technology hardens the light-sensitive biomaterials three-dimensionally with shaped light beams from different directions in a kind of shock solidification. This enables the production of geometrically complex biosynthetic structures of centimeter size with microscopic resolution – in a matter of seconds. The light-based process is gentle on sensitive cell structures.

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