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colorFabb introduces its new high temperature resistant PLA

colorFabb introduced its High Temperature resistant PLA. What makes the PLA-HT unique? No annealing or other post-processing steps are required. According to the company, which tested this material in an oven, it withstands 120 degrees Celsius.

If you’re familiar with high-temperature PLA types available in the market, you will know many require users to anneal the 3D printed parts to acquire the advertised temperature resistance level. Annealing your part adds processing time (up to 60 minutes for large dense parts), additional energy costs and in some cases can lead to deformation of the part due to the crystallization process.

colorFabb’s research & development team has been working on a solution to reach a high HDT immediately after printing. No annealing required. Annealing is a heat treatment process that changes the microstructure of a polymer and can result in increased temperature resistance levels.


  • better heat resistance – up to 120 degrees oven test
  • easy to print, similar to PLA
  • high tensile strength – 3766 MPa


  • impact resistance slightly less than regular PLA
  • higher temperature resistance of the material can lead to more warping

Available colors

PLA-HT will be available in the colors Black, White and Silver. The company will produce the material on both 750g and 2200g spools in both 2.85mm and 1.75mm.

This 3D print filament will be available from October 27th, 2022
in the company’s webshop: www.colorfabb.com and starts at a retail price of €26,50 excl. VAT.

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