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ColorFabb Releases Carbon Fibre Composite Filament XT-CF20

The well-known Dutch manufacturer for 3D printing materials, colorFabb, has just released a new filament called XT-CF20. The material is based on the Amphora polymer from Eastman Chemical and has been reinforced with 20% carbon fibres suitable for 3D printing.

Though combining carbon fibres in filament material is not a new idea, colorFabb XT-CF20 combines quite a lot of advanced properties into one material. Functionality, stiffness, dimension stability and heat resistance are highly demanded characteristics in parts produced for the automotive industry, aerospace or in prototyping.

colorFabb XT-CF20 features:

  • Extreme High Flex Modulus (6.2 GPa)
  • Moderate strain at break (8-10%)
  • High Glass Temp. (Tg = 80C)
  • Very high Melt strength
  • Very high Melt Viscosity
  • Good dimensional accuracy and stability
  • Low odor / Styrene Free solution
  • Easy processing on many platforms
  • Highly attractive matt black surface


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The new material has also been thoroughly tested on 8 different 3D printers for 6 weeks, without a single nozzle jam or other related thermal issues. However, colorFabb advices 3D printer owners to use nozzles made out of stainless steel or hardened copper alloys, as the fibres will wear off other materials over time.

To demonstrate its advanced characteristics, the company has built the OpenRC Truggy from Thingiverse, completely made from XT-CF20 material.

ColorFabb XT-CF20 will be available for pre-ordering through the webshop starting today. First orders are expected to be shipped by the end of February.

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