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CRP USA speaker at CAMX 2019 with successful use of AM in Motorsport

For the first time CRP USA will be attending CAMX 2019 as speaker. The 7th edition of CAMX will be held from 23rd – 26th September, 2019, at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, California.

At the 2019 edition Stewart Davis, Director of Operations at CRP USA, will be presenting the paper: “The construction of a NACA duct using additive manufacturing Carbon-Composite material for a record setting Bonneville Streamliner”.

The speech is set for 26th September, 11:30 AM, at the Anaheim Convention Center room 210B, in the category: “Current technology in Manufacturing and Materials”.

The paper examines how CRP USA – using selective laser sintering and carbon fiber composite Windform® SP – was able to build and assemble a complex NACA duct using selective laser sintering and Carbon-composite Windform® SP material.

The application was designed by designer David C. Woodroof for Dale-based Victory Motorsports team headed by Burton Brown. 3D printed NACA duct was created for racing at the Bonneville Speed Week.
Thanks to the 3D printed component in Windform®, the streamliner was able to break a long-standing at Bonneville Speed Week.

Additionally, the paper will explore the current use of additive manufacturing for construction of components and parts for Motorsports and Automotive sectors.

Stewart Davis: “This year’s CAMX 2019 conference programming noted a significant increase in proposed technical papers, and the judging criteria were strict. Our paper was evaluated by several levels of reviewers, including Category Chairs, Technical Committees, and an Oversight Committee. For these reasons we are very proud to be part of the CAMX 2019 conference program.”

With its roots in F1 Racing, CRP USA (Mooresville, North Carolina) produces on-car prototype and end-use 3d printed components for racing teams and automotive manufacturers. It has taken this expertise to new heights to produce parts for most of the high-performing sectors.

CRP USA employs a highly skilled staff that specializes in the manufacturing and creation of end-use parts and prototypes built from Windform® composite materials for Laser Sintering, creating by CRP Technology.

Windform® materials allow for the construction of aesthetic and fully functional parts with high mechanical properties in a very short period of time, and with maximum design freedom.