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Cyrus Printers Releases New 3D Printing Filament

The Dutch start up Cyrus Printers introduces a range of new filament, which is cheaper compared to the rest of the market while, according to the company, keeping the high quality. 

Cyrus has worked closely with a Dutch company specialised in bio plastics. This new filament range is available in 25 colours in ABS and PLA as well as other materials like Nylon, flexible, glow in the dark and soluble PLA filament. The 750 g spool of 1.75 mm filament is available for € 19,99 ( approx. $ 25) in the company’s online store.

 “We all know quality prints depend on three things. A rigid and good machine, proper slicing software and high quality filament.” says Sasan Seyedi of Cyrus printers. “We knew in order to reach the full potential of the Cyrus printer we needed good filament. We tested over 20 filament companies and each time the problem became more obvious. Either the quality was low and so was the price, or the quality was good enough but the price was just too high to justify in our eyes.”

According to Sasan the tolerance of the filament is less than 0.05 mm. The tolerance of cheaper filament usually ranges between 0.1 mm und 0.25 mm.

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