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Desktop Health announces Flexcera Base Ultra+ material for 3D printed dentures

Desktop Health, Desktop Metal‘s trusted brand for medical 3D printing, announced an even stronger formulation of its Flexcera resin for 3D printing gums, Flexcera Base Ultra+, which is used for the production of removable full and partial dentures.

The new Flexcera Base Ultra+ is characterized by a 50% increase in strength and a 70% improvement in resistance to deformation compared to ISO standards. This increased flexural strength enables the construction of dentures with thinner walls and bases, which significantly increases longevity, fit and overall comfort for the patient. The formulation also ensures high resistance to discoloration, meeting the industry’s long-term aesthetic expectations.

“We are witnessing exponential growth in the adoption of these restorative solutions,” said Lou Azzara, President of Desktop Health. “When paired with the Einstein and the Einstein Pro XL printing systems, which exhibit best-in-class speed and accuracy, Flexcera Base Ultra+ prints 26% faster3 than its predecessor to scale production without compromising quality.”

Tests have shown that the Einstein Pro XL system can fabricate 21 denture arches from Flexcera Base Ultra+ in around 90 minutes, significantly reducing post-processing time. This contributes to an efficient workflow.

“New Flexcera Base Ultra+ demonstrates how we listen to customers and give them what they’re asking for, such as a firmer final product in an industry favorite shade,” said Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal. “With more dental professionals than ever adopting a digital workflow and an aging population, the popular Flexcera family fits a growing need in the marketplace.”

This innovation underscores Desktop Health’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that support the transition to digital dentistry while improving the quality and efficiency of dental care.

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