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Ecogensus produces high-quality 3D printing materials from household waste

The company Ecogensus is taking an unusual approach to conserving resources. The company has developed a method for producing high-quality 3D printing powder from household waste such as food scraps, diapers or packaging. The process was granted a patent on April 23, 2024.

Ecogensus’ innovation is based on the molecular conversion of mixed waste materials into technical polymer powders. The various waste components are broken down into their basic polymer building blocks and combined to create a new high-quality composite material. A cross-linking step ultimately gives the powders the required mechanical properties. The plastic granules obtained in this way can be seamlessly integrated into existing manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, injection molding and more. This creates a circular and ecologically sustainable alternative to conventional raw materials, without compromising on performance and quality.

“Our patented technology platform is reinventing the way materials are sourced and used, promoting a circular economy and reducing environmental impact,” explains Ecogensus founder Bjørnulf Østvik.

Not only the 3D printing industry, but the entire plastics industry can benefit from this resource-saving technology.

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