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EnvisionTEC Launches Version 3.1 of Perfactory Software

3D printer manufacturer EnvisionTEC, who recently partnered with material brand Somos, has launched the latest version of their Perfactory Software at Euromold.

New features and improvements include a more streamlinded user experience, unification between all EnvisionTEC 3D printer families, upgraded support construction capabilities and integration with the 3D-Bioplotter.

Dr. Carlos Carvalho, EnvisionTEC’s 3D-Bioplotter specialist: “Most of our bioengineering customers need to create multiple parts grids. The new updates allow users to then arrange these arrays in both the X and Y axes, and input the distance between parts. It’s all organized onto one screen, and confirmed by using a mouse to click OK.”

The new unified version also allows users to maintain their settings between different 3D printers, saving both design time, and the output should they with to switch between the varied functionality of the 3D-Bioplotter, the DLP machines and the 3SP machines.


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