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EnvisionTEC and Somos Team up to Develop High-Performance 3D Printing Materials – Update

Manufacturer of 3D printing systems, EnvisionTEC, has collaborated with Somos, a brand of the Dutch chemical company DSM, to develop high-performance materials for stereolithography (SL) 3D printing.

September 23, 2015: Somos develops and produces resins for SL additive manufacturing processes and currently offers around 20 different materials. The partnership will allow both companies to advance their technologies and develop new applications.

Somos consistently produces cutting-edge materials for 3D printing,” stated John Hartner, Chief Operating Officer of EnvisionTEC. “Working together will accelerate the possibility of producing large industrial parts with a high level of performance at much faster speeds.”

Somos perFORM material, Image: Somos
Somos perFORM material, Image: Somos

Melissa Lutz, Business Director for Somos continues, “We are very excited to be working with EnvisionTEC. Their new, 3SP® large-frame machines produce parts two to three times faster than the existing, industry-leading equipment. We can’t wait to develop high-performance materials that enable their equipment to expand into new industrial applications.”


April 6, 2016: Program moves to beta phase

Somos and EnvisionTEC have moved into the beta phase of their collaborative program. So far, excellent results have been achieved in the alpha testing phase of developing a new, high performance material that is durable with high-detail resolution and dimensional stability. One of EnvisionTEC’s key customers will  now be testing this material.

“Great progress has been made in the collaborative partnership with Somos,” says John Hartner, Chief Operating Officer EnvisionTEC. “We are excited to test this developmental material with one of our strategic customers that is looking to make very large parts with high detail. We believe they will be as excited as we are with the performance of the 3SP® printer and this material.”

“This is just the start of the collaboration between us,” says Melissa Lutz, Business Director Somos. “We are thrilled to be working with EnvisionTEC to bring new solutions to the 3D printing industry.”