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FARO Freestyle3D – Handheld 3D Laser Scanner – Update: Freestyle3D X

FARO Technologies, specialised in 3D measurement, imaging and realisation technology, has released the new FARO Freestyle3D Scanner.

January 22, 2015: The handheld device based on laser technology is designed for use in engineering, construction, architecture and law enforcement as well as other industries. The Freestyle3D captures up to 88K points per second with accuracy better than 1.5 mm and scans objects in a distance of up to 3 meters. Users can view the point cloud data as it is captured on the Microsoft Surface Tablet, that comes with the scanner. The patent-pending, self-compensation optical system allows for immediate use with no warm up time required.

“The Freestyle3D is the latest addition to the FARO 3D laser scanning portfolio and represents another step on our journey to democratize 3D scanning,” says Jay Freeland, FARO’s President and CEO. “Following the successful adoption of our Focus scanners for long-range scanning, we’ve developed a scanner that provides customers with the same intuitive feel and ease-of-use in a handheld device.”

The 3D scanner comes with two software applications: SCENE Capture, to record and visualise scan data on the tablet, and SCENE Process to further edit the scan data on the workstation.

Technical specifications:

– Range: 0.5 – 3m
– Resolution @ 0.5m: Lateral: 0.2mm – 1mm / Depth: 0.2mm
– 3D point accuracy/ whole scan accuracy: <1.5mm
– Single image point density: Up to 45,000 points/m² in 0.5m distance and up to 10,500 points/m² in 1m distance
– Scan volume: 8.1m³
– Eye safety: Class 1 laser
– Weight: 0.98kg
– Size: 260mm x 310mm x 105mm
– Scanner control: Microsoft® Surface Pro 2 or 3 (no additional power supply needed)


September 17, 2015: Update – New Product Release: FARO Freestyle3D X

FARO has just released the latest version of its handheld 3D laser scanner.

Joe Arezone, Senior Vice President and Managing Director FARO Asia and EMEA stated: “The Freestyle3D X sets the industry standard for ease-of-use and verifiable accuracy among professional, portable scanning devices. The new features such as automatic flash mode, best point filter and new algorithms decisively enhance the overall scanning experience and enable users to carry out more projects with better quality at the same time. Moreover, the new Freestyle3D X will allow the most demanding users to achieve better accuracy in their projects.”

Overview of new features:

  •  State-of-the-art scanning technology that delivers enhanced scanning accuracy of 1 millimetre at a 1-meter range
  • Automatic flash mode enabling users to scan objects in a variety of lighting conditions
  • Integrated best-point filter enhances the quality of the scan data by reducing noise up to 35%
  • Post-processing functions have also been improved, offering up to 5x faster data writing speed to further improve productivity on the job site


Details and all technical specifications of the FARO Freestyle3D X Scanner can be found here.

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