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Fila-Cycle Offers 100% Recycled 3D Printing Filament on Kickstarter

Fila-Cycle, previously winners of the Plastics Industry Award for Best Recycled Product of the year 2015, have launched a new Recycled 3D Printing Filament Kickstarter campaign.

Fila-Cycle team selected some of the best recycled grades of plastics, from a range of industries and household plastic streams, to bring you a choice of not one or two fully 100% recycled plastics but six different choices via Kickstarter.

  • rPLA – Jade – Created from 100% Yogurt pots
  • rPLA – Natural – Created from post-consumer plastics
  • rHIPS – Architect White – Created from home electronic white goods
  • rHIPS – Black – Created from post-automotive plastics
  • rPET – Opaque – Created from post-consumer plastics
  • rABS – Black – Created from post-automotive plastics

“To our knowledge this is the largest selection of 100% recycled 3D printing plastic filaments in the world. Though our unique partnership with 3DOM Europe and Kickstarter campaign, we hope to launch this superb global offering.”



Early bird offerings start at £ 16 + PP for a 1 kg filament spool.

Scott Knowles, Co-Founder of Fila-cycle:

“With great technology, often comes great impact. Not only on people but also on our planet’s resources. I could see that 3D printing technology would put further pressures on resources such as land and oil, resources that we already know are under globalthreat. With this Kickstarter campaign and with your help, these filaments will promote environmental consciousness and innovation, together we can be better.”

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