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Formfutura Introduces EasyFil HIPS

The Dutch filament manufacturer Formfutura has introduced a new High Impact Polystyrene thermoplastic filament called EasyFil HIPS.

According to the manufacturer it is competitive with PLA and ABS filaments as a primary 3D printing material. The slightly softer and more flexible structure reduces warping and cracking ob the printed object.

Polystyren is a widely used thermoplastic material that has only lately become more and more available as a 3D printing material. Due to its difficulty to work with, it hasn’t been very popular with 3D printing enthusiasts. However, Formfutura’s enhanced formula makes it easy to process.

EasyFil™ HIPS distinguishes itself from “normal” HIPS filaments by being slightly softer and more flexible – in combination with very limited warping, having an excellent thermal stability and 3D print flowing behaviour – resulting in a truly “easy to print” HIPS 3D printer filament and a true asset to our EasyFil™ filament range.

The 750 g spool is available in five different colours (white, black, red, dark blue, gray) in the common diameters 1.75 and 2,85 mm for the price of € 28,95 ($ 36).

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