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Fuel3D Secures Investment From IQT for 3D Scanning Development

3D scanner developer and manufacturer Fuel3D has received a strategic investment from In-Q-Tel (IQT), a not-for-profit investment firm identifying innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the US Intelligence Community.

The investment will allow Fuel3D to further the development of its high-speed, high-resolution 3D scanning technology to provide IQT government customers with advanced 3D scanning applications that can be used in many scenarios and environments.

“The ability for non-technical users to easily create 3D models of everyday objects is an exciting new capability,” said Simon Davidson, Partner, IQT Investments. “We’re eager to help our government customers leverage these advances through the further development of Fuel3D’s technology.”

Fuel3D has developed the first 3D scanning technology to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process a 3D model in seconds.

The Fuel3D system is capable of generating high-resolution color 3D models of objects, environments, and individuals, which enables numerous precise measurements of a subject. Originally developed for medical applications, Fuel3D scanning technology uses a proprietary approach that fuses geometric and photometric stereo images to create accurate 3D models.

Fuel3D technology holds a significant advantage over other 3D scanning systems when scanning the human form: Speed. Images are captured in less than one tenth of a second, which effectively negates the errors typically associated with a subject moving during scanning. Rapid 3D image capture presents the opportunity to generate accurate 3D measurements that go far beyond what 2D imaging can provide. This kind of measureable data presents opportunities for the use of 3D scanning in sectors such as biometrics, fashion, footwear, orthopedics and sport.

“The speed with which we capture high resolution 3D data is key to what makes Fuel3D’s technology different,” said Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D. “In just a tenth of a second, our platform can capture an accurate, measurable, full-color 3D model at resolutions of 350 microns (0.35mm) or better.”

In January 2015, Fuel3D introduced its first product: SCANIFY – a handheld, point-and-shoot 3D scanner designed and priced for the consumer 3D market. With the investment from IQT, the technology that underpins SCANIFY will be developed for additional applications.

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