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GCodePrintr – 3D Printing App for Android Devices

The 3D printing App GCodePrintr by Mathias Dietz allows mobile users to connect their Android device to a 3D printer using a USB connection. 3D printers can easily be controlled via the touch screen of your smartphone or tablet; no PC needed.

Initially developed for Reprap 3D printers, the App also works for a series of other commercial 3D printers that use the same G-Code based communication protocol.

The latest version 2.5 includes a few updates as well as new features in order to fully exploit the 3D printer’s functions.


  • 3D Printing directly from your Android device
  • Supports wireless printing over Bluetooth
  • Touch screen control interface (X,Y,Z Movement, Heat,..)
  • Support for SD Card printing (upload, list, autostart print)
  • Layer by layer visualization and print simulation
  • Show details like estimated time, speeds, filament usage, cost,..
  • Web interface to remotely view print status. Remotely stream the video of your builtin webcam (requires IPWebcam App)
  • Use Gcode Simulator for PC to send files from PC directly to your Android tablet to print them. Or read files from local SD Card, Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud services
  • Easily modify speed during print and see how it impacts the print time.
  • Support for various printer options (bedsize, baudrates, reset, flip x/y axis,..)
  • Works with many 3D printers (like Reprap, PrintrBot, Ultimaker, Makibox, Solidoodle, Robot3d, Multec Multirap,..) and with multiple firmwares (Sprinter,Marlin,Smoothie,Repetier,..)

The App is available for download in the Google Play Store (€ 2,99).

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