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Hive3D Builders and CyBe Construction present climate-friendly cement substitute

Dutch company Hive3D Builders has teamed up with CyBe Construction to develop a carbon-neutral concrete substitute for additive manufacturing. The material, which can be mixed on site, has 93 percent fewer CO2 emissions than conventional concrete. It is also more resilient, according to Hive3D Builders.

The material is a geopolymer cement that replaces the grout typically used in 3D concrete printing. Nearly carbon-neutral, geopolymers have long been considered a sustainable building material because less CO2 is released during production.

According to Hive3D Builders and CyBe Construction, its use in 3D printing can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 93 percent compared to traditional construction methods. In addition to its carbon footprint, the material also boasts superior strength and durability.

System mixes on site

With the help of a specially developed system, the concrete substitute can be mixed directly on site with local aggregates. This significantly reduces costs compared to conventional materials.

Thus, additive manufacturing also becomes more economically interesting. According to Hive3D Builders, this could convince many hesitant construction companies to increasingly rely on 3D printing.

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