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Innofil3D Presents The All New Professional PRO1 Filament

The new PRO1 filament from Innofil3D resonates with the 2001 hit-song from Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

It´s the first material from the Innofil3D Professional Series. That said all filaments we tested from Innofil3D had exceptional material properties but with calling the PRO1 a truly professional grade filament, Innofil3D sets my expectations very very high – And they sure can deliver what they promise.

The PRO1 is easy to print like PLA and doesn’t require a heated print bed as ABS does. The material properties excel these of ABS and the PRO1 stays as versatile as you would not see it either from PLA and ABS. Innofil3D claims that you can achieve printing speeds up to 30-80% faster while remaining at a high quality. And if you slow down with your printing speed you can build very high detailed prints with the PRO1.

As an example for the previous claims. Innofil3D tested the filament with speeds up to 150mm/s and an extruder-temperature of 220°C with very good results. If your 3D printer has a heated bed Innofil3D recommends a temperature setting of 60°C.

Here are the test results of the Innofil3D PRO1 compared to ABS, PLA and PET (klick to enlarge):

Innofil3D´s PRO1 Filament is available in 750g spools costing just 36,95€ (around 41$).

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