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Iroko: 14Trees launches a new 3D printer for the construction sector

14Trees, a joint venture between Holcim and British International Investment (BII), has unveiled Iroko, a new 3D printer for the construction sector. This 3D printer aims to improve speed, cost and flexibility in the construction sector and drive digital automation to build resilient and affordable housing, education infrastructure and commercial real estate worldwide.

3D printing technology has the potential to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. The Iroko printer offers performance advantages that enable the construction of multi-story buildings and ensure reliable and mobile construction – regardless of terrain.

“As the global infrastructure sector experiences an industrial revolution, the construction space is under more pressure to boost performance, work towards a net-zero future, and fulfil the needs of an evolving real estate and housing sector. Our 14Trees printer is a robust solution to maintain affordability and deliver on structural performance. We’re enhancing the sustainability and profitability of 3D printing for construction – a sector positioned for yield and growth,” said François Perrot, CEO of 14Trees.

The Iroko printer, designed and manufactured in collaboration with PMSA, a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, features mobility and optimized assembly. The printer’s aluminum frame is lightweight and robust, allowing for quick assembly without the need for cranes. In addition, the printer can be stored and transported in a compact container, making deployment fast and efficient.

The Iroko printer is equipped with a unique multiple laser system that checks print quality 50 times per second to improve the overall performance of the final product and increase operator safety. The printer is equipped with a material preparation and feeding system compatible with Holcim’s material, TectorPrint, and 14Trees’ growing range of low carbon materials. This reduces a building’s carbon footprint by up to 70 percent compared to traditional processes.

The Iroko printer is part of 14Trees’ plan to create buildings that bring people together in a climate-resilient and inclusive way. The printer is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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