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MOIIN presents two new material developments at Formnext 2022

The Hamburg-based material specialists at MOIIN have been offering high-quality resins for 3D printing for several years now. These high-performance resins are used for a wide range of applications, from jewellery design to industrial manufacturing and medical technology. New opportunities are now emerging thanks to the development of MOIIN Tough Clear (part of the Life Series) and MOIIN Flex Clear, both of which will be on show at Formnext.

Through its Life Series, MOIIN is expanding its range of applications to include the life science sector. MOIIN Tough Clear, the first material in the Life Series, can be used in a variety of medical technology contexts, such as for hearing aids, glasses, shoe inserts and orthoses.

Premium quality for life science applications
Anna Babel-Drusenthal, who is responsible for MOIIN Resins at manufacturer DMG Digital Enterprises, describes the biocompatibility options offered by the Life Series:

“MOIIN Life Series materials are manufactured to high quality standards by our ISO 13485-certified company. DMG carries out biocompatibility tests for each specific application. They provide a good indication that produced printed objects can be used in the life science sector for the particular purpose for which they have been tested. It’s then the responsibility of the distributors of the printed objects to determine, classify and, if necessary, certify the specific purpose of their medical device for the relevant application”.

MOIIN Tough Clear: Tough or elastic? Both!

The application opportunities for 3D-printed objects using MOIIN Tough Clear are wide-ranging. By varying the structure and thickness of the material, it is possible to print more flexible or firmer parts to suit your needs. Through a mixture of ductility and flexibility, the objects remain dimensionally stable even when subjected to extreme stresses, e.g. those caused by dropping or impact, and are malleable without being brittle.

MOIIN Flex Clear: High elongation at break and excellent strain recovery

The also newly developed MOIIN Flex Clear is extremely elastic, offers an elongation at break of 123% as well as exceptionally good strain recovery. This makes the 3D printing resin perfect for seals and shock absorbers, and for a wide range of applications where traditional elastic materials such as rubber or silicone are usually used. The high UV resistance and low water absorption of the material also make it particularly resistant to weathering. MOIIN Flex Clear is therefore also suited for a wide range of outdoor applications and process engineering systems.

You can find out more about MOIIN product solutions for 3D printing at Formnext 2022 from 15 – 18 November, at the MOIIN stand: hall 12.1, stand number A25

Find ouut more about MOIIN at moiin-resins.com.

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