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New EOS copper alloy CuNi30 offers high corrosion resistance in salt water

3D printer manufacturer EOS announced the successful development and commercial availability of its new material EOS CopperAlloy CuNi30, a copper-nickel alloy specifically developed for laser powder bed additive manufacturing.

The EOS CopperAlloy CuNi30 material offers an excellent combination of high strength and ductility, with a tensile strength of around 510 MPa and an elongation of more than 20%. It also has excellent corrosion resistance in salt water and stable performance at low temperatures. EOS thus meets the UNS C96400 specifications according to ASTM B369-09 for mechanical performance.

In collaboration with Phillips Federal and Austal USA for the Submarine Industrial Base (SIB), EOS CopperAlloy CuNi30 was developed and tested to alleviate the supply pressure of traditional casting processes and support the goal of “2+1 Columbia and Virginia Class Submarine Platforms” for the US Navy. Phillips Federal emphasizes that the material’s exceptional performance combined with its competitive cost per part (CPP) provides a strong business case for production implementation.

“EOS was provided with a strategic objective to deliver a CuNi30 product to the U.S. Navy submarine industrial base to mitigate casting delays; a material holding unique to the naval construction industry and not widely available for AM technology use. We acted with priority to support the submarine program schedule, and we are pleased to share our successful product release within a few months of the project start. It is a privilege to contribute to projects of such strategic importance to our national interests”, comments Ankit Saharan, senior manager of metals technology at EOS.

By combining EOS CopperAlloy CuNi30 with the quality and productivity of the EOS platforms, applications can now both meet the requirements and open up new design and production possibilities offered by industrial 3D printing. In addition, additive manufacturing now enables regional, local and on-demand production – another benefit of the technology.

“We are grateful for the response from EOS and the Additive Minds team to develop EOS CopperAlloy CuNi30 so quickly. This alloy is critical in many marine applications and will be important in our efforts to support the U.S. Navy Center of Excellence”, adds John Harrison, senior vice president of global additive at Phillips Federal.

EOS CopperAlloy CuNi30 is now commercially available for the mid-frame EOS M 290 and the large-frame EOS M 400, followed by the four-laser EOS M 400-4 later in 2024, marking a significant step forward in the application of additive manufacturing in critical naval applications and supporting efforts to increase supply chain efficiency and shorten production times.

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