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Noztek to Launch Desktop Industrial-Grade Filament Extruder Xcalibur

UK-based manufacturer of desktop filament extrusion systems, Noztek, has just announced the soon to be launched Xcalibur extruder. 

If you are extruding different types of polymers, you can always clean out the barrel using a purging agent“, explains Noztek. “This can be time consuming and may not completely remove all the residue from the previously used resin. A much quicker way would be to remove and replace the existing barrel and screw with a replacement unit.”

noztek_extruderBased on the design of industrial single screw extruders, the company has created a bespoke new screw, which has already been tested with a wide range of materials both resins and powdered materials. The more robust design is ideal for the extrusion of highly viscous materials according to Noztek.

Their new prototype extruder, called Xcalibur, has been developed for companies who require a more robust unit for the extrusion of a wider range of materials, including metal alloys. More details about the new extruder, which will be available at the beginning of August, can be found here.

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