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Pinshape Launches Open R/C Accessory Design Contest

Following the success of Daniel Noree’s 3D printed Open R/C Formular 1 car model, 3D printing marketplace pinshape has launched the Accessory Design Contest for the Open R/C car.

Pinshape has updated the initial design of the front end, bumper, sides and inside of the cockpit with holes to fit in accessories. They also teamed up with 3D printer manufacturer MagicFirm Europe AB for the design challenge and will award the contest’s winner with the new ZYYX+ 3D printer, that has only been launched last week. The second price includes a 3D printed Open-RC F1 car, an electronics kit and a limited edition ZYYX polo shirt.

In order to enter simply download the Open R/C files and upload your accessory design to pinshape until March 15th, 2016. More information can be found here.