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Powder Handling Station from Sinterit. The first so complete SLS solution ever.

Sinterit just launched its Powder Handling Station (PHS), a supporting device designed to make post-processing and powder recovery as clean as possible. It is also a clear call for all additive manufacturing professionals, that small, benchtop SLS 3D printers like Lisa PRO are not stand-alone devices, but comprehensive ecosystems ready to answer the needs of a wide range of industries.

Sinterit’s new Powder Handling Station was made to keep all processes in one place and to focus on users’ experience. Now it is easier than ever for one persone to handle the whole SLS 3D printing process. Keeping the highest customer experience is a top one of the priorities written in Sinterit’s strategy, so PHS fulfills the adopted direction.

How does PHS work?

Sinterit declares that with Powder Handling Station everything is in its place, so the ergonomy and user-friendliness was one of the priorities it had to accomplish. Now all the processes, from print preparation, via postprocessing to powder refresh and recovery could be done faster than ever.

The worktop with a suction hole speeds up depowdering, and a detachable 2m long suction hose connected to the ATEX vacuum cleaner makes cleaning the workspace faster as well.

The unsintered powder is transported automatically into the sieving module located under the worktop. The sieving process took place during the post-processing, so the unsintered powder is ready for the further process which is mixing with the fresh one.

Powder Handling Station was designed to support several Lisa and Lisa PRO printers at once. It is useful for additive manufacturing professionals who print a lot.

Sinterit was the first company in the world that brought SLS technology to the benchtop -says Michał Grzymala-Moszczynski, Sinterit’s co-founder and the head of the R&D Department.

Over the past years, we have been developing products by listening to our customers. Today we want to meet their needs again and improve the SLS experience. Now, we are the first to offer a complete solution that meets all your needs and covers the entire process of making printouts. – he adds.

For six years on the market, Sinterit delivered two top-quality SLS 3D printers, has its own software, and the whole set of peripheral devices needed for serving additive manufacturing professionals needs. Released this year ATEX Vaccum Cleaner with powder separator, dedicated powder tools, and new, bigger Sandblaster for post-processing the printouts, were a huge step into making this solution more comprehensive. With Powder Handling Station it becomes the only one so complete benchtop SLS ecosystem on the market, and thanks to over 1000 SLS 3D printers delivered worldwide, also the one eagerly chosen by customers.