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PRINTR Creates a Productive and Painless 3D Printing Experience with FORMIDEOS

Dutch startup PRINTR is set to “change the 3D printing landscape” by introducing FORMIDEOS, an operating system to streamline the user’s 3D printing experience.

We initially wanted to raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign, but we weren’t able to raise the set goal. However, when we opened the pre-order system and saw the overwhelming response, we knew we wanted to be able to get the best possible product to our supporters. This industry is volatile, so we took a look at what was already available, reviewed other ecosystems, and decided to raise the bar. We wanted to hold back our release until we knew our product was ready,” said CEO Douwe Mulder.

FORMIDEOS includes easy printer setup, an interactive printer console, and full-support for multiple printers. There is also an extensive list of settings for countless customisation possibilities within the included slicer, Katana, as well as various settings for the materials available to the user.

We take care of the whole process that is involved in 3D printing bringing it back to the single print button. We believe it should be just as easy to print a 3D model as it is to print a Word document,” Moulder adds.

Currently, parts of FORMIDEOS are open-source and the development kit is available on Github. A beta version is available for a test drive on a raspberry pi. Those who pre-ordered will receive their Element by the beginning of September.

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