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Prodways Announces New TPU Powder for SLS 3D Printers

Groupe Gorgé subsidiary and industrial-grade 3D printer manufacturer Prodways has announced a new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material for 3D printers based on Selective Lasersintering technology.

The new TPU-70A powder is a type of elastomer material that can be used to produce flexible rubber-like objects for a wide range of applications. According to Prodways it features an excellent elongation at break capacity of over 300%, high resistance to chemical products and high durability without the need for infiltration processes. Its high performing refresh rate optimises material consumption.

TPU-70A is not only compatible with the company’s own line “Prodways powered by Farsoon”, but also other SLS 3D printers on the market.

prodways_tpu_3d_printing_materialThis complete powder range for laser sintering technology is distinguished by its very fine granulometry for very high resolution parts and very high refresh rate levels, thus reducing consumption by up to 40% compared to the other powders on the market, for better optimization of production costs.

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