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Prusa Research has published its first sustainability report

Prusa Research, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, has published its first sustainability report. Last year, the company first unveiled its sustainability plans and asked for feedback. The top three issues that emerged from the feedback were recycling unusable prints and filament remnants, providing filament on spools without sides, and raising awareness about printing meaningful things.

The report shows how Prusa Research has tried to address these issues. However, the point is not to claim that the company excels in all aspects of sustainability. Rather, it aims to show where the company currently stands, what it is good at, and what it is just starting to do.

Prusa Research’s sustainability strategy is based on three pillars: a better world through 3D printing, the environment and fair relationships. In 3D printing, the company is trying to address current social and environmental issues. For example, it has launched official company profiles on printables.com that allow companies to publish their 3D models, such as spare parts, to extend the life of their products.

On the environmental front, Prusa Research seeks to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. It has calculated the company’s carbon footprint and the lifecycle of some of its filaments and the MK3S+ printer to determine which changes will have the greatest impact. The company has also begun producing recycled versions of Prusament PLA and PETG, which are made from production waste.

In terms of fair relationships, Prusa Research strives to maintain fair relationships with everyone who helps make the company successful. It is constantly working to improve a safe and friendly work environment for its employees and provide high-quality and easy-to-repair products.

The report shows that Prusa Research is making serious efforts to become more sustainable and minimize its impact on the environment. It is an important step towards transparency and responsibility in the 3D printing industry. The full report can be downloaded here.

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