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Sauber Technologies relies on AM Solutions to Improve Post Processing for AM Parts

In the fast-moving world of 3D printing, Sauber Technologies shows how the combination of technology and expertise can lead to more efficient production processes. Working closely with AM Solutions, a specialist in 3D post-processing, the company has further optimized its production processes.

About a year ago, Sauber Technologies invested in an S1 blasting system for post-processing HiPAC components manufactured using SLS printing technology. This system combines cleaning and surface finishing in one machine.

Vitor Sousa, team leader for additive manufacturing of plastic components at Sauber Technologies AG, explains: „Since the S1 system can handle multiple functions, it reminds us of a bit of the multi-functionality of a Swiss army knife. While in the past we had to manually rework and shot blast the printed components separately, today we only have to remove the finished parts from the S1 and visually inspect them. With an average batch size of 20 work pieces we save at least two hours of valuable time per post process cycle.”

One of the key elements of the S1 system is the polystyrene abrasive. Previously, Sauber Technologies used glass beads, which had a shorter service life despite being less expensive. The polystyrene abrasive, on the other hand, has a service life 15 times longer and results in lower operating costs. In addition, polystyrene allows for a more attractive and glossy surface finish.

Vitor Sousa continuous: „In the past we used glass beads, which were less expensive. But because of their high wear-rate they had a considerable shorter life span. The polystyrol media offers a 15 times higher usable life resulting in significantly lower operating costs. An additional benefit is that compared to glass beads the polystyrol media creates more attractive and shiny surface finishes. In addition, we do not have to change the blast media for the process steps “cleaning” and “surface finishing.” And the risk of media contamination by using two different media has been completely eliminated.”

Despite its impressive performance, the S1 system initially presented a spatial challenge for Sauber Technologies. AM Solutions responded by developing a mobile dust collector that has a smaller footprint.

„Because in our production area space is very tight, the standard S1 system was too big to fit into our setup. Therefore, we needed a solution with a lower footprint”, explains Mr. Sousa.

The cooperation between Sauber Technologies and AM Solutions illustrates how innovative approaches and adaptable solutions can optimize the 3D printing process. It remains exciting to see what further developments will emerge from this partnership.

Mr. Sousa concludes: „With AM Solutions we have a partner who offers not only standard equipment but who perfectly understands our requirements and provides us with tailormade solutions. “

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