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Sharebot Introduces Nylforce 550 and Nylon-Carbon Filament

Italian 3D printing company Sharebot has extended its filament portfolio by two new materials: Nylforce 550 and Nylon-Carbon.

Nylforce 550 is a transparent, high quality material with a low hygroscopic level, allowing the user to 3D print resistant yet flexible objects. According to Sharebot it is ideal for mechanical and functional parts. The filament is easy to print but requires the use of a special spray (included) that enables adhesion to the printing bed.

Nylon-Carbon, composed of two different fibres, is a light yet highly resistant material. The material can be used for manufacturing high quality end parts. Sharebot recommends using PLA profiles during the slicing process and a extrusion temperature of 245°C. It can be used instead of ABS due to its low breakage and good heat resistance.


Both filaments are available in 1.75 mm diameter on 500 g spools in Sharebot’s webshop. While Nylforce 550 comes with a price tag of € 55, Nylon-Carbon is offered at € 60 per spool.



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