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Siemens and BLT Cooperate on Metal 3D Printing

Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) and Siemens (China) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in May to establish long-term strategic cooperation.

BLT and Siemens have agreed on a strategic cooperation to promote digital factories and advance the production of metal additive manufacturing equipment.

The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Xue Lei, chairman and chief executive officer; Yang Donghui, deputy general manager of BLT; Karsten Heuser, head of global additive manufacturing at Siemens; and Dr. Yao Jun, senior vice president and general manager of the West Digital Industries Siemens Ltd. sales region in China.

Siemens will provide current automation and drive products and support services, while BLT will provide application development and other work. Additive manufacturing can increase production flexibility and open up new growth opportunities. Siemens has digital solutions for the entire additive manufacturing industry chain, providing more advanced products, diverse applications and smarter design software.

“BLT has been cooperating with Siemens for many years, and we hope Siemens can work with us to explore, innovate and assist BLT to develop more intelligent, stable, high quality and efficient metal 3D printing system, and jointly promote the development process of Industry 4.0.” said Donghui Yang, deputy general manager of BLT.

A Siemens delegation also visited the BLT exhibition hall and held discussions on the future of metal additive manufacturing applications.

Find out more about Bright Laser Technologies at xa-blt.com.

For more information about Siemens, please visit siemens.com.

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