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Siemens Energy and DNV develop New Platform for Industrial 3D Printing Solutions

DNV and Siemens Energy’s global additive manufacturing business unit are joining forces to create a quality assurance platform for the 3D printing industry.

Siemens Energy has developed the AM Cockpit, a platform for automated quality control of the printing process. DNV has launched the Independent Quality Monitor (IQM) customer portal, which continuously checks digital solutions for quality.

The combination of both solutions enables DNV to offer a commercial solution for the AM industry. It ensures that 3D-printed parts can be compared to an approved master print and remote process certification can be realized.

The AM Cockpit collects data and images from the manufacturing process, generates digital summaries of each printed part and flags problematic areas. In parallel, IQM constantly monitors data quality through algorithms and compliance logic.

“Succeeding in AM industrialization relies on a successful digital transition. The combination of the AM Cockpit and the IQM is a significant step forward for additive manufacturing,” says Klas Bendrik, Chief digital and development officer at DNV.

“The benefits of 3D-printing, when used properly, can include reduced material waste, quicker production, cost savings and the ability to produce complex and customized parts,” Stian Gurrik, Senior Engineer and AM-specialist, says.

Siemens Energy is at the forefront of the energy transition – covering the full spectrum of energy solutions and supporting its clientele’s ambitious decarbonization goals.

“Thanks to its design freedom, AM is the core technology that allows Siemens Energy to develop and modify gas turbines to run on green fuels, such as hydrogen,” says Hans Holmström, CEO of Siemens Energy in Sweden.

“With decades of experience in industrializing additive manufacturing, Siemens Energy is an excellent partner for DNV in advancing quality assurance of additively manufactured parts,” says Manish Kumar, Head of business development, strategy and sales of Siemens Energy Additive Manufacturing Business.

AM-Cockpit and IQM’s digitized quality assurance method visualizes the quality of a printing process to meet the necessary quality standards.

Find out more about DNV at dnv.com.

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