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Simulation software AM PravaH promises cheaper 3D printing simulation

Indian startup Paanudv Applications has unveiled AM PravaH, a new simulation software for 3D printing. According to the manufacturer, it is a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for simulating additive manufacturing processes.

AM PravaH is specifically designed for the laser powder bed fusion process. By taking into account various physical effects such as heat transport or phase transitions, it should be possible to predict component distortion and other typical 3D printing defects already in the simulation.

Other features include artificial intelligence mapping of grain size evolution and user-friendly interfaces. According to Paanudv, AM PravaH should be significantly less expensive than established simulation tools. License costs do not depend on the number of processors.

In this way, the startup wants to make simulation affordable for medium-sized companies as well and drive forward the industrialization of 3D printing. Until now, corresponding solutions have mostly been expensive and dominated by large corporations. According to analyses, the growing market for 3D printing software will reach a volume of over $1 billion by 2025.

Paanudv sees itself positioned as a cost-effective alternative with AM PravaH. In the long term, expansions for other printing processes such as fused deposition modeling are planned. You can also find more details about the software in this post.

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