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Startup recycles PET bottles for 3D printing of mini houses

The startup Azure Printed Homes from Los Angeles is causing a stir with its innovative approach to sustainable construction. Over 150,000 recycled PET bottles have been converted into building material for small, modular 3D-printed houses.

Founded in 2019, Azure is led by civil engineers Ross Maguire and Gene Eidelman. In their project, they work with special 3D printers that process the sustainable building material. The recycled plastic bottles are turned into fully functional modules with 18.5 square meters of living space. A module can be printed within 24 hours.

The startup recently delivered one such mini-house to a customer in Big Sur on the Californian coast. The particular challenge was to reach the difficult-to-access location and assemble the module on site. Nevertheless, the project was completed in just 48 hours.

In addition to the recycling aspect, Azure Printed Homes also attaches great importance to sustainability when it comes to features such as solar modules for energy self-sufficient solutions or flexible floor plans. The basic N-100 version is delivered turnkey with complete interior design, lighting and installation. With prices starting at USD 19,900, the modules appear to be quite competitive.

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