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Taulman3D and DuPont Unveil “T-lyne” 3D Printing Material

Taulman3D has teamed up with chemical company DuPont to develop and manufacture a new flexible 3D printing material called T-lyne, using DuPont Surlyn ionomer.

T-lyne is a unique, crystal clear polyethylene copolymer developed specifically for high durability, flexibility, unique viscosity and a wide temperature range. Glass-like aesthetics can easily be obtained at high layer sizes using low speed and low temperatures in the range of 190°C to 210°C. Utility style parts are easily printed faster at standard layer sizes using higher temperatures up to 245°C, depending on nozzle size.

t-lyne_taulman3d_dupont_surlyn_polymer_3d_printingThe DuPont Surlyn ionomer is known for its extreme durability and can provide very uniform colour ability. Parts made from the material can be reshaped when immersed into hot water. Once cooled, the part will keep its post-processed form. According to developers, the material features excellent bed adhesion when printed on both cold and warm (40°C) surfaces available in 3D printers.

Due to its extreme durability, Surlyn is currently used to coat golf balls and bowling pins for protection from the extreme abuse.

As the material is also cleared by the FDA, it could potentially be used in prosthetics, where 3D printed parts can be reshaped during post-processing for an even better fitting final form. Additionally, T-lyne features a non-slippery surface, making hand tools made from T-lyne unlikely to slip out of one’s hand.


The exact specifications for the new T-lyne 3D printer filament can be found on taulman3D’s website.


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