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Tetra Pak recycles packaging waste into 3D printing raw material

Packaging giant Tetra Pak is driving forward the recycling of beverage cartons in Europe with a large-scale investment offensive. The company has invested around 40 million euros in 2023 to significantly increase recycling capacities for composite carton materials.

The focus of these efforts is the polyaluminum composite, consisting of polyethylene and aluminum layers, which is known as “PolyAl”. Through a cooperation with the Swedish company Axjo Group and an investment of up to 24 million euros, a new plant for PolyAl processing is to be built. The recycled material obtained can then be further processed into plastic products such as cable drums or storage boxes.

However, Tetra Pak will not only be significantly expanding its PolyAl recycling capacities in Sweden, but also in Spain with partners such as Trans Sabater and Alier. High-quality pellets made from the recycled material will then be available for various applications. In the Netherlands, Tetra Pak is also supporting the expansion of a PolyAl recycling plant operated by Recon Polymers. Overall, the concerted action aims to strengthen the circular economy in several countries, including France and Belgium.

The recycled PolyAl material opens up a wide range of possibilities for sustainable product solutions. In addition to the production of reusable pallets or plastic boxes, it could also serve as a raw material for large-format 3D printed objects in the future. By expanding its recycling infrastructure, Tetra Pak is thus tapping into not only ecological but also economic potential for innovative applications in the 3D printing sector.

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