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Thor3D Calibry Mini held 3D Scanner for small objects

Thor3D hand-held 3D scanner Calibry Mini is designed to digitize small objects (from 2 cm to 30 cm in length) and its high resolution (up to 0.15 mm) enables the scanner to capture even the most intricate details.

The development of Calibry Mini was a natural step to expand Thor3D’s product line and offer a new device to the segment of customers who need to digitize small objects. The Mini inherits the best technical capabilities from the original Calibry 3D scanner: it captures black, shiny objects and sharp edges. It scans in high resolution, so even the smallest details like fingerprints are visible. The price of the Mini (€6,490 or $6,990) including post-processing software “Calibry Nest”) and its intuitive interface makes this product particularly interesting for medical professionals, museums, and educational institutions.

“During development, our R&D engineers conducted a series of tests and we can say that the quality and detail of the data is very compelling”, commented Anna Zevelyov, CEO of Thor3D. She added, “by adding the Mini to the original Calibry in our product portfolio, we created a complete 3D-scanning toolbox. Doctors will now have all the tools they might need to digitize any part of the human body (from a finger to a full body scan). Museums will now be able to capture entire collections (from jewelry to full-sized vintage carriage).”

About Thor3D

The company, based out of Dusseldorf, Germany and Moscow, Russia has been developing hand-held 3D scanners since 2015. It is best known for being the first company to bring to market a wireless, hand-held scanner and is an expert in 3D imaging and complex data processing.

Picture & Link: www.thor3dscanner.com

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