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Using 3D Printed Shapes to Create Food Moulds

Until now it was common to 3D print foods like chocolate into different objects. Now, there is an interesting alternative: 3D printed objects are used as positive forms.

That works according to a simple concept: An object is 3D printed – it’s possible to print everything you want but now 3D scanned faces are very common. The London-based startup Candy Mechanics does already provide this kind of food customising. When the object (positive form) has been printed – a negative form is created. The negative form is then used as a mould. With the same proceeded it’s possible to create other forms like animals or logos of companies. The mould is made of special silicon that is food safe.

It seems that this will be a new trend – personalised sweets / food.

It seems to be a good time, the millennials and Facebook and Instagram, everyone’s taking selfies — so why not lick your own face?

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