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Velodyne ‘Puck’ Will Enable Real Time 3D Mapping For Driverless Cars

During Fords presentation at CES 2016 the CEO of the car manufacturer presented the ‘Ultra Puck’ which will enable Ford’s cars to navigate without any human interaction.

The Puck is a LiDAR based 360° 3D scanner with a range of 100m and its juste the size of a coffee mug. The device uses radar technology in combination with some lasers to scan the environment in a range of 100m. This process produces 300.000 points per second.

This 3D mapping or scanning technique can be used to navigate drones, produce a detailed map the environment (as seen below) and even navigate cars.

UserData_Real Earth_Large

Velodyne works with companies like Google, Ford, Volvo, Bing, Baidu, Here, Tomtom and Tencent. They offer a range of LiDAR 3D mapping systems. The Puck is the smallest system and the price starts at 7999$.

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