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Versarien Collaborates with E3D Online for Graphene 3D Printing Trials

Versarien PLC, a UK-based company that develops advanced material solutions, has teamed up with hotend developer E3D Online for 3D printing trials using graphene.

By incorporating graphene into the 3D printing process, Versarien want to find out if 3D printed parts can benefit from the material’s properties. The graphene material is provided by the company’s subsidiary 2D-Tech. The one atom thick, conductive material is known for its outstanding performance advantages and is 200x stronger than structural steel, while being very lightweight.

Neil Ricketts, Versarien chief executive said: “We are always looking for new and innovative applications for our graphene technology and we look forward to collaborating with E3D Online Ltd in progressing this potential use for graphene in 3D printed products.”

E3D is constantly seeking to push boundaries in what is possible to achieve with 3D printing”, said E3D Online director of research and development Sanjay Mortimer. “Working with Versarien to incorporate graphene into 3D printed parts is extremely exciting and we look forward to creating enhanced materials with advanced properties that would not be possible without this collaboration.”

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