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WASP Launches Extruder for Ceramic Materials

Following two years of development, Italian 3D printing company WASP has just launched a new extruder for ceramic materials.

The WASP team has been experimenting with all possible combinations of pressure, nozzles and materials to create an extruder that is able to stop and continue the flow of viscous materials. Additionally, the pressure within the systems allows the air trapped in the material to flow upwards, eliminating bubbles inside the mixture, which would otherwise interrupt the flow.

They call their latest invention LDM (Liquid Deposit Modelling) extruder and aim to promote the use of ceramics and other viscous materials.

The LDM extruder set is compatible with WASP 3D printers, however, it can be adapted to most of the existing machines according to the company.

The WASP extruder set includes

  • 3l tank
  • extrusion piston
  • stand for the tank
  • pressure reducer
  • return preventing valve
  • safety valve
  • 1 kg of porcelain
  • cochlea and interchangeable pressure chamber
  • high-couple stepper engine
  • SD card containing .STL files for PowerWASP and DeltaWASP 3D printers, assembling instructions and video tutorial for preparing the materials

and is available for € 650 here.

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