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3D Knitted Lightweight Shoes Now Available on Kickstarter

JS Shoe has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the world’s first lightweight shoe created entirely with 3D knitting technology.

The company has developed a knitting machine, that works with a 3-dimensional method to produce exactly what is needed for each shoe, thus no waste occurs during production compared to traditional manufacturing processes. Moreover, JS Shoe states that the 3D knitting technology allows for a safer work environment free of toxins.

We believe that 3D knitting brings the opportunity for a new level of manufacturing combining customization and mass production. JS shoes are uniquely you with the amount of customization options available.

Customers can choose between different colours and sizes. For their Kickstarter campaign JS Shoes offer a special Rainbow edition. Shoes will also be available individually in future.


Early bird offers start at $ 69 including shipping for one pair.

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