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3d Printed Consumer Products Are Now Game Changer

In terms of knowledge and public use, 3D printing might be relatively new, but it has the potential to turn consumer goods upside down for betterment. It can produce a big impact on product safety through multiple ways. 3D printing is easier to use and way cheaper to reverse and refine product prototypes, making it a good option for producing consumer items. You can try the design first, test it out and then improve it before heading towards production line.

Thanks to 3D printing technology, there will be localized production and even distribution for so many items. This will reduce the supply chain size and allow better quality and safety controls. Custom-made items will provide consumers with products designed for own ergonomic needs. This step, in turn, helps in enhancing safety and utility prospect of the item even better.

Democratizing the supply and production line:

Just like e-commerce platform has enabled new marketing entrants and created new supply means, 3D printing has that same potentials to change ways products are created and supplied. The internet also already started working with consumer based product and democratisation. 3D printing is a method to work with democratization of consumer product manufacturing. This method will open up new possibilities for new designers and businesses, including those names in developing nations and remote locations. These factors will create possibilities for maintaining product based safety n global and local markets.

Expectations and reality:

Expectations for 3D printing are rather high these days. Even though the technologies and concepts of this method have existed for few decades now, recent progress has gradually reduced the cost of printer by expanding material choices, ordering of magnitudes and widening the domains where 3D printing is proven to be useful. Right now, there is a wide us of 3D printing in consumer goods, which are taking the market by storm. All these indications clearly suggest technology to be heading towards inflection point, which can easily result in rampant and rapid adoption, disrupting industries and even redistributing power.

3D mass customization: a new trend setter:

It is true that mass customization is a major way through which 3D printing can change the face of consumer products. Thanks to the easy usable applications, everyone gets the opportunity to create personalized unique items. The first app store for creating 3D printed customized game characters was established in 2014. Right from shelf to smartphone, the company allows gamers to model and print their favourite gaming characters in 3D. The main aim of such company is to extend branded characters to customized merchandizing.

Everyone can become a designer:

Thanks to 3D printing technology, now everyone can unleash the creative side and becomes a designer. With some of the online services, you won’t need any printer or any kind of production facility. All you have to conquer is a creative mind. Shoe designers, furniture craftsmen, architects and scientists, everyone is currently using this technology for turning creativities into life. The only requirement to use this technology is a head full of creativity. Here, your field of sturdy or background does not matter. All that counts are creativity, smart project ideas and innovative thoughts.

Variations in 3d printing:

These days, anything can be 3D printed. Right from plastic with interlinking parts to materials like titanium and ceramic, you can 3D print anything. It means 3D printing is not restricted to any one profession or field. The variable use of 3D printing is one of its major benefits. You can check out some of the best 3D based consumer products as biggest example of this achievement lately. Some 3D printed jewellery brands and model creation companies are already in business.

Designing in file:

Designing on a host device and presenting ideas into virtual files have also changed the ways you used to create products. Better and newer items can be produced in world where people are working hand in hand for creating greater consumer products.

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