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3Dom and 3D-Fuel Join Forces and Become 3DomFuel

3D printing material developers 3D-Fuel LLC, 3Dom USA and 3Dom Europe team up and form a new company called 3DomFuel. This new conglomerate will combine the resources and capabilities of all three companies, resulting in expanded production capabilities and sales and logistics presence with facilities in the USA and Europe.

3DomFuel will continue to manufacture filament under the 3D-Fuel trademark, including their Advanced and Premium PLA, along with 3Doms exotic bio-composite filaments such as Wound Up, Buzzed or Entwined.

“We are very excited about 3DomFuel and what this means to our loyal customer base. Our new manufacturing capabilities will result in even higher quality than what has been available to the 3D Printing market. Being 100% centered on the FDM 3D printing market means we concentrate solely on what is important to all creators, from manufacturers to enthusiasts. This, combined with our expanded infrastructure, will give 3DomFuel the ability to rapidly provide unique, sustainable, and highly functional materials to the global industry,” stated Matthew Stegall, CEO 3D-Fuel.

Advanced PLA
Advanced PLA

The company is currently developing new filaments to be introduced to the market over the next months.

“We have a strong focus on utilizing waste materials and by-products from manufacturing processes to develop new materials that provide unique properties to the 3D Printing Industry. Under the new company, we will have increased production and R&D capacity, enabling 3DomFuel to increase quality and material options even further.” Jake Clark, CEO 3Dom USA.


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