Home Industry 3YOURMIND and Phillips Corp. awarded $2.5 Million Contract by U.S. Marine Corps

3YOURMIND and Phillips Corp. awarded $2.5 Million Contract by U.S. Marine Corps

3YOURMIND and Phillips Corp. Federal Division are excited to collaborate with Marine Corps System Command’s Advanced Manufacturing Operations Cell (AMOC) to expand the Marine Corps’ digital manufacturing capabilities. The focus is to integrate 3YOURMIND’s part identification software with the Marine Corps’ Digital Manufacturing Data Vault (DMDV), a centralized digital repository that will help expand existing manufacturing operations.

The $2.5 million AMOC award came after a successful first year in which more than 10,000 parts were analyzed through the use of 3YOURMIND software. The technology uses a proprietary algorithm that focuses on 12 key factors that indicate the printability and added value of 3D printing per part. This helped identify 50 parts that save up to 1000 days of lead time per component.

In year two, AMOC plans to further configure the 3YOURMIND software with its own and third-party systems and add 2D drawing analysis capabilities to quickly analyze engineering data packages for potential manufacturing use cases.

3YOURMIND and Phillips Corp. have already successfully collaborated with the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific to enable distributed manufacturing processes. This partnership also gives AMOC access to 3YOURMIND’s order and production management software.

“Although additive manufacturing is well-known for cutting-edge innovations, I am encouraged by our work with AMOC and Phillips Corp. to enable the Marine Corps. to use additive to address more common technology and spare parts gaps,” says William Cuervo, Vice President of Sales, North America at 3YOURMIND. “I’m am very excited for the opportunity for 3YOURMIND and Phillips Corp. Federal Division to enrich the quality of life of the warfighter by addressing these capability gaps and contribute to the operational readiness that the U.S. Marine Corps prides itself on.”

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