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AM Solutions excels at TCT 3Sixty Trade Show with Post-Processing Technologies

AM Solutions, an innovation leader in post-processing technologies for additively manufactured parts, showcased its solutions for efficient post-processing of AM parts at this year’s TCT 3Sixty. There, the company showcased its M1 Basic solution for bulk processing, its S1 and S1 wet blast systems, and its C1 system for chemical post-processing.

Colin Spellacy, Head of Sales at AM Solutions UK said, “AM Solutions’ presence at TCT 3Sixty proved to be a game-changer, as our state-of-the-art post processing solutions received an overwhelming response. Many of our post-processing solutions are adapted from tried and tested mass finishing and shot blasting technologies that have served traditional industry well for decades, and when developed specifically for AM offer highly efficient and effective ways to achieve exceptional surface quality, precise edge rounding, and uniformity for AM parts. The audience was seemingly extremely impressed by the range of post-processing solutions we have to offer, and the exceptional results that we are able to achieve.”

AM Solutions showcased the M1 Basic for mass finishing and the S1 and S1 Wet shot blast machines. The M1 Basic allows for excellent surface finishing of metal or plastic parts, removing layer lines and burrs, resulting in flawless surfaces. Bulk processing is efficient and cost-effective by processing large batches of parts simultaneously.

In addition, AM Solutions demonstrated the benefits of blasting technologies for AM parts with the S1 and S1 Wet. These are suitable for finishing parts with rough surfaces and visible layer lines. They smooth surfaces, reduce layer lines and relieve residual stresses.

Spellacy concludes, “The overwhelming response to AM Solutions’ mass finishing and shot blasting technologies (and our C1 chemical system for the automated and cost-efficient post processing of photopolymer components) at TCT 3Sixty underscores the growing recognition among industry professionals that while there is room for novel technologies for the post-processing of some AM parts, more often than not an intelligent adaptation of proven mass finishing and shot blasting technologies for the specifics of AM parts provides an optimal solution. With its trailblazing solutions, AM Solutions continues to spearhead the evolution of AM, ensuring that the industry’s demand for impeccable post-processed parts is effectively met.”

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