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atum3D presents software with MAGS AI technology

Revolution in fast and easy DLP print preparation debuts at formnext 2018. atum3D presents the all new Operator Station software with proprietary MAGS AI technology

atum3D, leading specialist in open platform DLP 3D printing technology, introduces its all new Operator Station software at formnext 2018, from 13 to 16 November in Frankfurt, Germany. The completely redesigned Operator Station enables users to conveniently prepare print jobs for atum3D’s DLP Station, thanks to an intuitive user interface and touch screen support. The true innovation is found in the proprietary MAGS AI technology, which takes an entirely new approach to creating support structures. Instead of bluntly adding a support structure, Operator Station with MAGS AI asks you the only question that truly matters: which surface is most important for your result? That’s the surface where you want as little supports, scarring and finishing effort as possible. After simply marking that surface, MAGS AI automatically adjusts the part’s orientation and generates the necessary support structure. Next, Operator Station allows you to duplicate the part or simply fill the available build volume as efficiently as possible in a single click. Preparing a print job has never been easier. At this year’s formnext fair, atum3D also adds a new Industry Excellence Pack to its product range, specifically bundled for (material) scientists and research institutes. Based on atum3D’s DLP Station 5 open platform printer, the Science & Research Excellence Pack includes consumables with an exceptional chemical resistance and specific Developer edition software that allows full control over DLP Station’s powerful, purpose-built light source.

“We’re very excited to be back in Frankfurt for the third time in a row to show our most recent developments. This year, the main spotlight is on software, one of the three pillars on which atum3D was built, together with hardware engineering and resin chemicals”, says Tristram Budel, CEO at atum3D. He continues: “When creating the all new Operator Station software from the ground up, we took special care to incorporate our user’s feedback and requests. That’s why we created a highly intuitive interface that takes you from part import to final print job in just a few clicks. The intelligent approach of our proprietary MAGS AI technology, which is the abbreviation of Mark, Adjust & Generate Supports, plays an essential role”. Tristram demonstrates marking the key surface with a paintbrush-like marking tool. “MAGS AI now analyses the part’s shape, keeps my selection free of supports, suggests the optimal orientation and adds the necessary supports. That’s about as fast and easy as it gets!”, he explains. Another addition to Operator Station is the ability to have the available build volume filled in the most efficient way possible with a single click, saving users a lot of time. Tristram: “Of course we’ve also included our accuracy-optimizing algorithms and the slicing preview to ensure the best results, as well as our comprehensive online catalog of downloadable resin-specific presets”.

The other introduction at formnext 2018 combines several of atum3D’s core values: open platform, adaptable and industrial grade. Tristram Budel: “DLP Station 5’s open resin platform allows our customers to use many different resins. But it also offers an opportunity for material scientists and research institutes to create new standards using atum3D hardware. By popular demand, we’ve now created a specific Industry Excellence Pack for this application”. Bundling DLP Station 5 with industrial grade consumables, like a resin tray with atum3D’s proprietary non-stick coating and an exceptional chemical resistance, and Developer edition software. the Science & Research Excellence Pack is a perfect fit with the science and research institute’s requirements. Tristram explains: “The specific Operator Station Developer edition allows users to control many of DLP Station’s resin lighting variables, hence full process control. With DLP Station’s powerful light source, accuracy, consistency, speed, and extensive setting options, material scientists and researchers can explore, test and get results, fast”.

This year, atum3D’s DLP Station 5 will be back on show as well. Since its successful launch, DLP Station benefits customers all over the world. Thanks to the powerful, purpose-built light source, DLP Station 5 offers unprecedented build speeds and consistent accuracy. The open platform DLP Station 5 is available in a standard 405 nm wavelength version as well as a 365 nm wavelength version.

atum3D invites you to visit at booth 3.1-B19 and experience Operator Station with MAGS AI and DLP Station 5. We’ll gladly advise you on your specific DLP application. Contact atum3D today (info@atum3d.com) to receive a complimentary entry voucher for formnext 2018.

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