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Axtra3D introduces new Dental Solution in Cooperation with Oqton and 3D Systems

In a remarkable collaboration, Axtra3D, Oqton and 3D Systems have developed an advanced solution for dental laboratories. The focus is on highest surface quality, repeatability and high throughput. The Axtra3D Lumia X1 printer technology is at the heart of the new offering.

This cooperation redefines the benchmark for excellent dental solutions. The combination of Axtra3D’s Hybrid PhotoSynthesis and TruLayer technologies, Oqton’s automated software powered by artificial intelligence and 3D Systems’ NextDent dental 3D printing materials enables precision and quality at the highest level. Such partnerships make it possible to develop innovative products that meet the diverse needs of dental laboratories.

Axtra3D and Oqton’s expertise not only provides superior dental solutions, but also enables production automation and fleet management for various applications, including connectors and direct printing processes.

“We’re pleased to officially recognize Axtra3D as a trusted partner amongst a host of forward-thinking industry leaders,” said Kris Wouters, general manager – healthcare, Oqton. “This partnership will answer to the growing need for scalable efficiency in dental laboratories while respecting the quality and traceability requirements and providing peace of mind to all teams involved.”

The premium materials used significantly improve the quality of the printed parts and ensure that the highest standards of patient care can be met.

Axtra3D is also committed to fast on-site service to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted production. Predictive maintenance, based on the latest technology, also improves the long-term sustainability of dental laboratory operations.

Gianni Zitelli, Founder and CEO of Axtra3D said “We’re thrilled about the partnership between Axtra3D, Oqton, and 3D Systems. This collaboration leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance precision, reliability, and quality in dental 3D printing applications, while also streamlining production through automation. When companies come together like this, they’re not just improving dentistry; they’re setting a new standard for excellence across the board.”

At Formnext in Frankfurt, which begins on November 7, Axtra3D will showcase parts printed with 3D Systems’ NextDent materials. Visitors can see the impressive capabilities of this innovative dental solution for themselves at stand C39 in hall 11.1.

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